My 2007 “S” MINI’s History

I purchased my 2007 MINI Cooper “S” in October 2007 – custom ordering it from MINI of Peabody. I was able to sign in and track the building and shipping of my MINI on the MINI website.

The day I received my MINI Cooper “S” (with the original Bridgespoke wheels with runflats):

I decided to downsize from my 2004 WRX Wagon and purchase the MINI because:

  • much better gas mileage (gas prices were going up to $4/gallon!)
  • lower CO2 emissions
  • same excellent safety ratings as Subaru
  • same (or better) sporty performance
  • same hatchback convenience

Unlike my previous two WRXs, I chose not to modify my MINI as the set-up  was perfect with the sport suspension option – great handling and comfort.  The MINI maintenance program is set up to change the oil about every 15,000 miles – I have done three extra full synthetic oils changes (have all maintenance receipts) – so about every 7,500 miles.  I did purchase the following accessories not mentioned on the original sticker (nor calculated into the Edmund’s True Value Appraisal:

  • Check rearview mirror ($61.50), JCW check floormats ($147.75), MINI  “S” Winter rubber floormats ($103.00), Rubber Boot mat ($64.50) MINI Check licence plate holder (2 X $38.80).  The “check” motif had an important historical connection to the original Mini Cooper and I wanted to pay tribute to that.

  • Two sets of supplementary wheels/tires to ensure optimal performance and safety in both summer and winter – black Konig Feathers with All-Season 215/50R16 Falken Ziex ZE-912s ($500-600) and MINI Webspoke (from a 2002 “S”) with 195/55R16 Michelin X-Ice ($500-600).  The Webspokes are the lightest of the MINI wheels (about 15 lbs.) and the Konigs are also about 15 lbs. Reducing “unsprung” weight (e.g., weight of wheels) improves both acceleration and handling – so with the 15lb. wheel/tires (versus OE) you might get one extra mile per gallon, .3-.5 sec. off your 0-60 time and a better time through a slalom course.

  • Spoiler swap and debadging of rear hatch.  The final change I made to the car was to remove the “Cooper S” badges (still have them) from the rear and to purchase a ‘regular” MINI spoiler (from a 2008) to replace the “S” spoiler (for “cleaner” lines). To me both of these things gave the car a “gaudy” look which was not present in the original.

  • There is a tiny, shallow, dent/scratch on the right rear panel – a friend left my car overnight in a University Athletics parking lot – someone opened one of the Department’s vans doors into the side of the car.  I put about 6-7 coats of paint on it to protect the area – probable professional repair would be $300-500. Here are the pics before waxing – sort of hard to see it:

Edmund’s True Value Appraisal September 27, 2010

Link to 2007 Model Year Photos

Link to 2007 Comparison Reviews

Motoring File Longterm Review of the 2007 MINI “S”

MINI USA Website

2007 Review

2008 Review – Pepper White “S” (unchanged from 2007)


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