2012 Classic MINI Service Records

  • 2012 delivered in Sept. 2012
  • 50 miles: removed OE wheels/tires and put on Konig summer wheel/tire combo
  • purchased and installed Michelin X-Ice on OE Holey rims in December 2012
  • removed winter tires/wheel and put on Konigs at 2410 miles March 20, 2012 (so 2410 on X-Ice)
  • 6,000 miles August 3, 2012  Oil Change and diagnostic check by Zyblat Motors in Hadley.  Also added fuel injector cleaner on Luke’s recommendation.  Service indicator set back to 15,00 miles – so take in at 15,000 – or call dealer if done by time?
  • 12,000 miles May 21, 2013 Still have not had first MINI service. Konigs back on.  X-Ice put on Dec. 1, 2012? So 5 months on the x-ice.

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